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“It’s Kettlebell Fitness….And Beyond!”

Kettlebell’s are The Ultimate Tool for Weight Loss,
Total Body Fitness and Well Being.

Kettlebells are an ancient Russian exercise tool that have been adapted for modern day living. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, improve your fitness or get stronger; Kettlebell training can help you achieve your overall fitness goals. This unique form of exercise is fun, fast and scientifically proven to achieve results…Fast!

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Get Fit, Strong and Ripped with Kettlebell Training.

This all round fitness tool will take your fitness to new levels. Remove that unwanted fat, get leaner and stronger. Kettlebells will turn you into a modern day warrior.

Lose Weight, Tone Up & Increase Vitality in only 15 Minutes.

Kettlebells train your body like no other fitness tool. Their unique design trains every muscle in perfect haromony – excess fat melts away as you’re left with a leaner, healthier body in only 15 minutes.


Listen to what others are saying about our Kettlebell Program...

Susan Murphy 1Susan Murphy 2I joined Bell’s Kettlebell Concepts in May of 2012 with the goals of losing weight, improving muscle strength and trying a new physical challenge. Through kettlebell training, running and healthy eating, I have surpassed my weight loss goals, losing a total of 40lbs., 29 overall inches, and 8 %body fat. I have dropped five pants sizes and my body is thinner and looks more defined and fit.

Kettlebell training has made my core stronger, improved my balance, flexibility, posture, joint mobility and increased my strength and coordination. I have seen incredible gains in my energy, cardiovascular strength and endurance. These physical achievements have translated into improved running performance.

In four short months, I improved my 10Km personal best by over 15 minutes! My running stamina, distance, and post-race recovery have also improved. 
Aside from all the physical gains, kettlebell training has also increased my mental endurance, focus and stamina. Kettlebell training has had a positive effect on my mental health, improving my body image, self-esteem, stress management and confidence.

The group exercise atmosphere at Bell’s Kettlebell Concepts fosters camaraderie, support and structure. I LOVE the atmosphere at Bell’s Kettlebell Concepts; it is professional, friendly, never intimidating and always empowering. I have met an incredible group of like minded people with similar health and lifestyle goals who keep me accountable, motivated and inspired.

After years of trying many exercise programs, I feel like I have finally found the perfect fitness program! I feel fitter, stronger and more confident every day. I love the amazing results in strength, confidence, muscle definition, weight loss and energy; all while being constantly challenged and having so much FUN!

Bell's Kettlebell Student
Susan Murphy

ana“I have always been enrolled in some kind of exercise class and, although I do not consider myself a really sporty person, I do believe that practicing a fitness activity leads you to a better and healthier life.
After having my three children through C-sections I started having back pain every day. I had several appointments with chiropractors and physiotherapists which certainly helped to ease my pain, however, they all recommended that on top of my sessions with them, I did exercise to gain back strength in my back and abs muscles.

Not so long ago, I learned about kettlebells through a posting online from a friend of mine who is really into sports and after doing some research about the sport, I decided to give it a try.My main goal when I started training at Bell's Kettlebell Concepts was to gain strength, muscle toning and increase my energy levels.

After just three months of starting exercising three times per week at Bell's Kettlebell Concepts I can already tell that it is the best workout I would have picked. It has also influenced me to eat healthier and make better food choices for me and my family and to keep those healthy habits.

I really enjoy going to my kettlebell class because is not only challenging but I have found an amazing group of people to work out with, they are an inspiration to continuing with a healthy lifestyle. I started lifting the kettlebells with quite some effort, now I am lifting up to 20 lbs. and I even managed to do several minutes of swings with a 30 lb, this shows for me that training with kettlebells gives you very quick results which to me is very important to stay motivated.

As Master Bell says…it is not just a workout, it is a lifestyle. Each of us in the class might have different reasons to have picked this exercise, however, we all want to make this a fun workout that really works and it is!”

Bell's Kettlebell Student
Ana Santos

catherine"I am a 43-year-old mom that has dealt with sciatica, numbness and constant aching in my back throughout my life.  A year ago I was going to physiotherapy or massage therapy every week for my lower back.  I was told to do slow, controlled crunches, leg raises, and other exercises all in an effort to strengthen my back and core.  Then I took up an offer by Mr. Bell to try kettlebell's for one month.  I had no idea what it was let alone how to do it.

Within two weeks, my aches and pains were gone and I have not looked back since.  My core strength is better than it has ever been even when I was taking spinning classes or running.  I am no longer complaining in the morning that my back hurts or that we need a new mattress, nor am I putting a heating pad on my back every night.

These days I can bake or cook in the kitchen for hours, hold our 45-pound, four-year-old up while he learns to skate and do yard work all without lower back pain.  Kettlebell classes have been the BEST exercise I have ever done.

The class is different each time you go, Mr. Bell works with you to help you with your technique and you have fun working out with other people.  I promise you that if I, a non-athletic 40-plus-year-old mom can do it, so can you.  Just give it a try."
Bell's Kettlebell Student
Catherine McKellar

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Our Mission Statement:

Here at Bell's Taekwondo, Bell's Kettlebell Concepts and the Halifax Kettlebell Sport Club our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, state of the art age-specific Olympic Taekwondo, Kettlebell Fitness and Kettlebell Sport programs on the market today. We are committed to establishing measurable results, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. We are also dedicated to providing every student with the most positive and rewarding training experience possible in a safe, welcoming, highly professional atmosphere.

Master Tim Bell
Owner/Head Instructor/Coach